As we know, President Bush has now signed a nuclear deal with India. India has, for quite a while, been a stable nation and a peaceful one for the most part. It still has to work out the issue of Kashmir with Pakistan but that is an internal matter and really none of our business. Probably bowing to pressure, Pakistani President Musharaff has also hinted that he wants a nuclear deal with Washington as well.

There are, however, some major differences between India and Pakistan. Pakistan is rife with internal turmoil caused by a strong extremist muslim component that is determined to overthrow the democratic reforms that Pakistan has enjoyed. While Musharaff has stuck his neck out to help the civilized world combat the scourge of murdering terrorists, there are plenty on his own doorstep waiting for his end to come. Should Pakistan’s democracy fall in the next elections as it did in Palestine, God help us if the incoming regime were able to facilitate their deepest desire to attain nuclear statehood.

With the refusal of Washington to even entertain the notion of a nuclear Pakistan, internal pressure on the government will now increase exponentially, especially amongst those Pakistani’s who view India with suspicion. It may perhaps increase enough to see a drastic change in the rulers of their nation. The extremist jihadists inside Pakistan’s borders have plenty of political ammunition.

What would that mean for the West? If Pakistan should join Iran and Syria as outright hostile to Western interests then we could begin to see a very troubling scenario for the Middle East and Asia. Western friendly nations will begin to feel the heat from their extremist, Western hating neighbours and the ability for us to exert any influence on our own behalf will begin to wane.

With the increasing demands for natural resources and energy leading to a sharp increase in prices and to chronic shortages, things will only worsen, not improve. Many have-not nations now have or want. They are no different than us in that respect. Unfortunately, it yet remains to be seen whether everyone will be able to be accommodated with regards to their needs and demands.

I believe that we are now entering a time which is fraught with danger. If energy supplies and raw goods continue to become scarcer, then nation will rise up against nation to fight for what they want or need. No nation that has ever been able to take what it needed has ever been willing to let itself fail on purpose, nor has it ever denied itself the ability to use that force. It is not politically expedient, nor is it in our basest programming to do so.