I don’t know what perturbs me more right now, the people of the city of Toronto, the mayor of Toronto, or the Premier of Ontario. For all the talk on the left over the past couple of months in regards to Canada not being the United States, the liberals in Ontario sound exactly like the democrats down south. They can’t get over the fact that they actually lost the election. I am sitting here waiting to see how Stephen Harper will be accused of rigging the results from Monday. It is with much disdain that I hear the grovelling on Toronto radio and in the papers.

Even without the end of the world coming as the last vote was tallied, there are many in the city who believe that the sky is now falling. Get a grip, people.

Apparently those who are lamenting the fact that Stephen Harper actually won the election have absolutely no clue about what the word “character” means. I’m not talking about the term as it is used to describe T.O. politicians, as in strange characters, but in the context of personal quality.

Mayor David Miller wins top prize for being the sorest loser. It seems that all of his grand plans must now be reworked. Mayor Miller has, for the past month, done everything that he can to cast Mr. Harper in a negative light. As well, he took the podium last month and publicly endorsed Paul Martin. Can you say ‘oops?’ Talk about a bad decision. Mr. Martin, for his part, is somewhat to blame for the current panic as he had made promises of massive amounts of cash to everyone in an attempt to buy votes and massive amounts of money do things to people.

Mr. Miller continues to antagonize Ottawa and is quick to bite the hand that feeds. He has stood in front of the cameras again and pointed his finger at Mr. Harper. I am sure the prime minister-elect was just petrified.

If he wasn’t so engrossed in hating our new prime minister, Mr. Miller would recall that the Conservatives were the party to promise a get tough approach on crime, something that David Miller says that he wants, and Mr. Harper did it long before the carnage in Toronto was a national disgrace. It was Mr. Harper who has offered users of public transit a tax break, something that most Torontonians could use. This would also perhaps encourage further use of the T.T.C.

Mayor Miller stood beside Paul Martin after the shooting spree last year and nodded his head in agreement as Mr. Martin pledged to crack down on crime, apparently not realizing that the Liberals had already had 13 years to do that. Mr. Miller nodded his head as Paul Martin promised to ban handguns, an act that would do absolutely nothing to stop the violence and killings, not to mention that handguns have been off the market since the 1930’s.

Now Toronto’s mayor is on record as warning Stephen Harper that he had better come forward with the Liberal’s daycare scheme.

Let me help you out with this concept, David. Paul Martin lost. It’s done. The Conservatives have their own daycare program, and it doesn’t involve underfunded, overrated promises. Those are dead, thankfully. If you don’t remember the Conservative pledge, look it up.

It is also apparent that Mayor David Miller is unfamiliar with leaders who don’t hold grudges or one’s who don’t seek to ‘punish’ ridings that didn’t vote for them. You see, as I have said before, Mr. Harper isn’t much of a politician, and that is a compliment. He is a great statesman, though, and that is something that a Toronto politician simply can’t comprehend. He will treat Toronto and Ontario with the same respect he would expect them to treat him with.

In case you missed it, Mr. Miller, here are Stephen Harper’s words concerning your city:

“A strong Canada requires a strong Ontario, and our government will keep our economic heartland moving forward.”

What a concept. It seems that our new prime minister wishes to represent all Canadians, not simply the one’s who voted for him.

Times have changed, Mr. Miller. Get with them, or get left behind.