Conservative Joe was founded on May 12, 2005. At present, it is a single person enterprise, but hopefully more people will embrace the concept of turning hearts and minds toward the truth and will come aboard..

If you would like to submit an article, it should be timely, conservative in nature, and kept to a reasonable length. (Please see some of the current articles for a rough idea of ‘reasonable’.) There is no ‘minimum length’.

Any and all submissions must be made through the email link below, and any and all submissions become the property of, except for, of course, those pieces reproduced by us with your permission.

If you feel that you should be able to submit something that is not leaning to the right of the political spectrum, please go to your search engine and enter ‘newspaper’. This will give you thousands of opportunities to do just that. As for this site, it is conservative only, as we try to stay with the truth, personal responsibility, and principles. The final decision as to what will be posted will be the editor’s.

Thank you.