I came across an article today in which it was declared that Kentucky Fried Chicken is attempting to murder us all. Yes, folks, they are using trans fat; that artery clogging, heart killing fat. Thank goodness there is somebody there to stop them.

A U.S. consumer group, the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) is taking the late, great Colonel Sanders’ legacy to court. It seems that they feel that Americans are too dumb to decide what is healthy and what is not.

The consumer group has filed the case against KFC in an attempt to find a judge who will order the fast food outlet to use a healthier fat. Once again, one group of people is attempting to dictate to others what to eat and how to live.

Anybody by now who doesn’t know what trans fat is or what it does is simply not paying attention. Trans fat has been linked to clogged arteries and has been found to promote and exacerbate heart disease. It is a known silent killer.

CSPI has stated that, should they fail to convince a judge to quash the rights of the restaurant chain, that they would ask that an order be given to force the restaurant to display signs which read “KFC fried chicken and certain other foods contain trans fat, which promotes heart disease.”

Where do these people come from? I, for one, am sick and tired of other people trying to make my life worry free, safe, and healthy. I eat out regularly and if I am clogging my arteries, it sure isn’t the fault of corporate directors of massive restaurant chains. (With lots of money which these greedy lawyers want.)

When I enter a fast food resta , m entirely aware of the danger that my choice of eating habits poses. I am also aware that I am far better off going home to make my own lunch or packing a healthier selection of foods. I know about my fruits and vegetables, and of the risks of fatty foods.

Even knowing this, I sometimes choose to make the horrid decision to have a high cholesterol, trans fat soaked, calorie laden piece of dead cow enveloped inside an unhealthy white flour bun. So far, I still have that right.

CSPI would argue that the problem is that KFC knows they are selling a dangerous product. Well, how about General Motors and Chrysler? How many people die in their cars? The same logic applies. They are selling products which they know will kill some of the consumers whom purchase them. One could argue that if used safely, cars are benign. The same goes for trans fat. Eating a burger or fried chicken cooked in the fat is not going to kill you. It is the act of doing so repeatedly on a regular basis that will do you in. Further, it is not the fault of American companies that the citizens of that nation are unable to determine what is healthy for them and in their best interests.

Of course, some Americans are famous for making victims of themselves. And of course, corporations are evil and must be destroyed. It matters not that jobs will vanish, we can simply blame that on the president.

On a humorous note, one news site running this story also ran Google Ads on their website. In case you are not familiar with how they work, Google will simply scan the story electronically and insert ads which are pertinent to the article. (For those of you in Ryerson, that means items that go with the story’s content.) Directly below the story was an ad for, you guessed it, trans fat laden Kentucky Fried Chicken products. I hope they aren’t sued for that.