I find it very troubling each time I hear somebody become excited over the latest government spending program. It has become obvious that most North Americans now envision government as an entity that is separate from everything else when in truth it is not. Government is not some remote machine with endless resources, it is simply an extension of us, the people.

The previous Canadian government promised a lot of things to a lot of people before it fell on January 23, 2006. The biggest promise after healthcare by far was the new mega-bureaucracy called the National Daycare program, a program that Canadians would have, without a doubt, come to believe was a God given birthright in just one generation. There was massive appeal for the program, and many of the people who were excited about it just can’t understand why so many parents voted against the Liberal agenda.

Thankfully, there are a good deal of people who understand that the proposed daycare monolith was not going to be free. Universal daycare is not only provided to all, it is paid for by all. The current thought that the government would have picked up the tab for it misses one glaringly obvious fact and that is the fact that governments do not have any money except for the wealth that it siphons off of its people, namely you and me.

Why is it that so many Canadians feel that it is ok for the government to force our neighbours to foot the bill for the babysitters of our own children? It is bad enough that so many people are unwilling to make the sacrifices that are required to be able to raise their own children, but it is quite another large step for us to begin to expect everyone else around us to pay for our choice of lifestyle and that is all a national daycare program would be. You can try and explain a government program any way you feel like, but in the end, every government program only exists because of the state forcing others to pay for them.

Until we make the decision to pay for our own choices or come to understand what government handouts truly are, we will continue to lose our independence and our governments will continue to expand at an unsustainable rate.

Higher taxes, anyone?