Below are a few of the kind things that our readers have had to say about Conservative Joe.Thank you for the encouragement, and for taking the time to write down your thoughts and praise.

This is an excellent site.  I am an aspiring writer myself.  I really enjoy your commentary, and you are an inspiration to get my interests on the net as well! – cheers, PAT

Just a quick note stating my appreciation for the honesty and common sense of your site, Joe.  The entire world seems to have lost its mind, and your’s is one site in far too many where one can still find truth.  Thanks for taking the time and caring enough to bother, and please keep up the good work – Jim & Candace

Your article citing the closure of a Knights of Columbus children’s camp, and James Loney finding himself out of work was Right On. Great article, and keep up the good work – WAYNE

Hi John, I do enjoy your articles, I find them very thought provoking and informative. God Bless. Keep up the Good.Work! – Gary

John, I don’t know what it is…but your columns are one of the brightest points in my day and that’s everyday.  Keep up the excellent work.  Apreciative in Alberta, Carole

MORNING. Just read your article, “Toronto Muslims Feeling Singled Out”. Well. if that wasn’t plain speaking, then I don’t know what is.. Well done. !  BEST WISHES, MAURA

Thank you for the great job you do on your web site with you insightful and thought provoking columns, it is certainly a blessing to have someone able to provide an objective and honest view on the days events . – Rory

John, I read your commentary often and although there are times when I may disagree, I find your thoughts interesting and at times provocative – tw

John, God Bless You for brave words. 100% in agreement with you !  KRYSTIAN

I have just recently discovered your web site. So refreshing!! I don’t miss a day. All the best to you. – Phyllis

Hello John: Just thought I’d drop a line and tell you that I accidentally landed on your website…. I have book marked your webpage so that I can come by more often. I hope you can continue to have the time you need and the desire to continue to write and to keep your site fresh. Best regards, John

John, thank you for your ‘common sense’ writing. How refreshing! – Faith

I’m so glad I discovered your website.  It is gratifying to know that there is a Canadian alternative to the (sickening) “politically
correct” liberal media here in Canada – Evert

I stumbled on your website via Canada Free Press and I liked what I read. Keep up the good work.– Gerry

Greetings, John. Both my wife and I have truly enjoyed your commentary on the election issues. It is refreshing and somewhat shocking in todays society to actually read someone’s opinions and agree with almost everything you have observed and taken the time to write about. For that we thank you!– Greg

Your last list of comments – excellent – simply excellent – you have run an “admirable campaign” and hope some day to meet you – well done!  Lynda

I am somewhat amazed by your understanding of the West and our similarity to Quebec when it comes to federal political feelings. . – Gord

Thank you John for putting all these words of TRUTH in such a beautiful and inspiring way. I often quote you when arguing the Christian Conservative case with whoever still wants to listen to me….Krystian

Your “mocking” of the Liberal attack ads is very good, keep up the good work I enjoy reading you columns. – Angelo

Your comments from Jan 17 are exactly what I have been feeling– you are putting the views of all Canadians into well thought out commentaries – much enjoyed – Lynda

Greetings Conservative Joe, We here on the farm have just discovered your site. Truth wrapped in humour. Jon Lawrence has a style which mirrors my own. If John ever wishes to get in the car and drive 250KM east on Hwy 7 we would love to feed him. – All the best, Farmer Jones

Hello John, Thanks for the fun reading – Dick

I found this page through Canada Free Press and have bookmarked it – another page that Canadians should go to for the truth – not the spin the mainstream media tries to feed us. – Lorna, Niagara Falls, Canada

I just wanted to drop you a brief note letting you know how much I’ve been enjoying your writing. Refreshing!  Purposeful!  Honest!  Clear, succinct, and to the point! Aspects sadly missing from most of what’s served up by the MSM(mainstream media) these days. – Dusty, San Jose, CA

Hi: Great job! I showed it to some of the good Conservatives at my office – they pass on their compliments too. – Bob

You make some good points! Del Morgan

Enjoy it. I have put it in my favourites, Ellen Britton

Very stylish, very clean, very good. Good luck with this – my golly we need it.
Cheers, Michael Coren.

Hey John, I read some of your articles, they were quite good. I now have a new site to visit so keep those articles going. Take good care… dd ( :

Dear John, I checked out your site and found it to be excellent in both look and content. – Judi McLeod, Canada Free Press

Dear “Joe”: What a wonderful delight to run across a site that espouses rational and logical conservatism and common sense. Best Wishes, WB. – an American reader.

Dear Mr. Lawrence, I enjoy your column everyday. I agree with most everything that you write. … Thank you, and I look forward to your next article. – Shelley

Hello John, I appreciate your outspoken efforts on behalf of decency and moral integrity–it seems with all the scandals lately, no one seems all that interested in the truth.  So thank you for continuing to take a stand and caring what kind of society we are leaving to our children.  Regards, Jan

Just like to commend you on a well written article,  “Americans, Heed Our Warning”. Keep up the fight against liberalism. – James