I must say that I was never too worried about the cold war. I know that there were some tense moments, and even some times when we all stood on the precipice of total annihilation, however I was far too young to give those things much thought at the time. Besides, I was a child, and everyone knows that when you are a child you think that you will live forever. Ah, the bliss. I miss it.

The world is changing fast and I can’t say that I much like the direction that the rest of it is headed in. We have a Chinese nation that is building a military machine that no one will be able to usurp, we have a nutjob in Iran scrambling to build a nuclear device and again the U.N. is collectively sitting on its hands, and now we have a nation of refugees that consider a terrorist organization responsible for the cold blooded murder of countless civilians a government worthy of their votes. I believe that they have unwittingly added more powder to the ever growing pile of barrels in the middle east.

It could be that the Palestinian people are for the most part just a bunch of blood thirsty people who embody the word bitterness, or perhaps they see that Hamas has had success in acquiring the Gaza strip from Israel. You see, there is a reason that so many nations will not acquiesce to terrorists and why they adhere to a zero tolerance policy. It is on par with buying a nagging whiny child what he is bugging you for. Give in to him and you will have just taught him that nagging is an effective and acceptable tool. Give in to terrorist demands, and you simply encourage them to continue that behaviour and that it is an effective means to an end.

International response to the elections have varied from surprise to outright dismay. Israel has stated that it will not have relations with any government that includes members of Hamas, and the United States has said it will not work with Hamas while it is in its present terrorist form and while they are advocating violence and the destruction of Israel.

On a different topic, Israel has begun using low flying aircraft to create sonic booms over highly populated residential areas in Gaza in retaliation for rocket attacks on Israel. Al-Jazeera, the anti-Israel, pro-Arab news channel, has run a story blaming the sonic booms on a rise in anxiety, depression, miscarriages, and psychosomatic disorders. I wouldn’t doubt that the rocket attacks being launched by Hamas in the Gaza strip is having the same effect on Israeli’s. The only difference is that Hamas aims to maim and kill Jews. The Israeli response seems to me to be benign and more compassionate than should be expected. Al-Jazeera, however, was careful not to mention the negative effects that Hamas was having on Israeli’s.

Palestinian psychiatrist Eyad Sarraj explains: “It is so quiet, and suddenly … the sound itself is so loud it is like a thunder ball exactly on top of your head and it is so powerful that even when you expect it you still have that reaction of fear and intimidation and you want to hide but you don’t know where.”

No kidding, Eyad. I wonder what the effects of an incoming mortar or rocket are on the poor Jewish residents that live with these things on a daily basis as well. Perhaps the Palestinian people should start to pressure Hamas into quelling the daily acts of hatred and violence towards Israel. Maybe then they will find that they are simply treated as humans in return.