Well, for now, ‘us’ is only ‘me.’ What can I say? I am a Canadian by birth, married happily and happily married, I have children whom are the reason why I want to make Canada great again, and I am a conservative by heart, as that is where all sensible thought, as well as common sense, has led me. I believe in less government, less social programs, less taxes, less oppression, and more freedom, self government and a parliament that respects its citizens.


For decades now, Canadians have been force fed a steady diet of liberal mind think. Whether it is through the mass media, the printed word, or our educational system, we are all told the same thing, and no matter what the topic, what the story or circumstance, everything we are told goes through the same process. Almost 50% of Canada’s cable television market is fed by two corporations, and the printed word is no less monopolized. Whenever you pick up a paper, you will see at the top usually a few letters beside the story. These letters represent the source of the story, and at a national and international level, these are usually all sent from only a handful of corporations, those being the Associated Press (API), Reuters, Universal Press (UPI), and a few others. If you watch a fair bit of news, you will no doubt notice that one channel is the same as the next, and that most of our major networks, those being the CBC, CTV, and CanWest Global, all put the same spin on their news, almost always report the same stories (or the same parts of them as you will learn), and almost always present them from a liberal viewpoint. Now it is not so much that I have a problem with being biased. I am biased, too. My problem is that they do this under the guise of being unbiased. It is time for a right wing slant to balance it out.


For one thing, controversy. I haven’t seen a lot of truthfulness in the media for a long time, and for the most part it has been suppressed, especially when it doesn’t meet today’s rigid standards of political correctness and politeness. We have all seen the stories that make you shake your head and ask, “Are they serious?” How many times have you watched the news and wished that you could add your input? Well, so have I, and so I will. I call them like I see them, and while I will not go out of my way to be offensive, that will be the result of my views from time to time. I will not apologize for my views, and you may very well leave this site if they do offend you. The last time I checked, I still had freedom of speech. Even that is disappearing under the auspices of anti-hate legislation. It should actually be called hate legislation, as it targets the free speech that liberals hate. Let’s see how strong our freedom of speech still is.

It is time to put some responsibilty into peoples actions, some accountability. This site will not be bought off by anyone. It will not be swayed by those in power, nor will anyone elicit its favor. I hope to encourage people to think. I don’t see a lot of that in Canada. We have been treated as though we are stupid for too long, and true patriotic Canadians have been silenced by a massive media block. NO MORE. We have been ridiculed for a long time, we have been told that our ideas are stupid and outdated. Look around at the mess of this country. The health care system is collapsing, our politicians are liars, our educational system has to be propped up by billions of YOUR dollars because of its soaring costs, illegal convicted aliens can thwart immigration for more than a decade in some cases, stalkers of children are set free to strike again and again as we have witnessed. And now, we are opening the immigration flood gates to provide yet more liberal voters, not to reunite families. As well, many of those coming are elderly. I don’t care who they are or where they are from, should we be letting in elderly people when the government already complains about the stress of an aging population on our pension system, on our health care system? Does this make any sense? No it doesn’t, but you can expect no other result from decades of socialist liberal programs and policies. And you can be sure that if a politician were to express this opinion (which is shared by many people I talk to) then he or she would be labeled as racist. The old racist accusation will win the public fight everytime. If that doesn’t work, then just say you are doing it for ‘the children.’

When will we have politicians who can say NO? When will we have Canadians who are smart enough to know that NO is the best thing for their future? Let’s also look at polls, ah, those giant movers of public thought. How many times have you been asked to participate in a survey? I have been called a few times, but after answering 2 or 3 carefully worded screening questions, I am always told, “Thank you, but you do not meet our requirements.” Do you know why? Because most of the polling is done by a handful of people, and the questions are directed at a certain demographic, (for those of you in college, that means ‘particular group of people). In this way, and by asking a group of carefully worded questions, they can pretty much guarantee the result of the poll.

I often wonder if Canadians are that dumb. Do we sit around until election day and say, “I have to find out who is ahead in the polls so I know who to vote for”? Or, “Wow, everyone thinks something else, I must be wrong” Is this what people do? Can we not think any more?

I want to provoke you, not to anger, but to thought. Start questioning the mass media, and start demanding that they report truthfully, and that if they have an agenda, tell them that you are smarter than that. No, show them. Turn them off. Canadians are known for their apathy. Let’s change that. Get rid of the fear of being ridiculed. The liberals only laugh because our ideas frighten them, and they frighten them because they show them how stupid their ideas are. Let’s get passionate about our beliefs, and our aspirations for this country. If not for ourselves, then for our children.

I am tired of sitting around not doing anything about it. But it will take all of us to make a difference.

Also, from time to time, you may find me playing devil’s advocate, and you may even see some humor, allbeit tongue in cheek. If you are wondering why I spell humor without the second ‘u’, well, I figure I’ll do that until there is true bilingualism in Quebec.


John Lawrence, Editor

One last note, if you disagree with my views, you are probably wrong.


Firstly, to God, whom I am still allowed to recognize publicly. While I am a long way from worthy or perfect, I know in my soul that You are. Forgive me when I don’t represent you as I should.

Secondly, thank you for my wonderful wife, who keeps me on solid ground. My children, for all the times I have asked you to leave me alone while I tried to figure this website out. Thank you also to the rest of my family for making me who I am.

Thirdly, to my nephew, who has been so patient, and who has answered all of my questions without hanging up the phone. (Don’t go away, D, I am not finished with you yet.)

To my brother-in-law, who constantly encourages me to do better, to stay focused, and to speak my mind. He is also one heck of a proof reader. Thanks Jeff.

And to all of you who visit the website again and again. Thanks. I hope that we will make a difference and will encourage you too!